Terrazas del Sol

Terrazas del Sol

Terrazas del Sol


Playa Prieta has lots of beautiful beaches all within a 20 minute car journey from the compound

Discover the Dry Tropical Forest

Guanacaste has dry tropical forests rather than the rainforests in other parts of Costa Rica. There are lots of tours available that will show you all these forests have to offer.

Feeling Adventurous?

There's lots of fun to be had within Playa Prieta including zip lining, water sports such as snorkeling and white water rafting. If you'd prefer to stick to land there's ATV, UTV and buggy tours or what about seeing more of the wildlife? There's a tour for that too.

Relaxation More Your Style?

There are yoga studios around Playa Prieta and nearby Potrero. Or perhaps a leisurely stroll along the beach or to the yacht club for a cocktail or two?